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Daily Dairy Report

The Daily Dairy Report provides a one-page daily summary of the domestic and global dairy markets, prices, supply and demand fundamentals, and CME cash and futures dairy trading activity. In addition to analyzing the latest report and current market activity, Daily Dairy Report Analysts will connect the dots by explaining what information and data are important and why. Mary Ledman, one of the dairy industry’s most respected market commentators, is the editor of the Daily Dairy Report and is supported by market analysts Sara Dorland and Sarina Sharp and Karen Endres, Communications Specialist. (The report is an Adobe PDF file and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to preview).

CME Group Spot Dairy Product Prices ($/lb.) August 20, 2014
 FinalChange TradesBidsOffers
Butter$2.7000 +4.00 
Cheddar Blocks$2.2500  +4.00 
Cheddar Barrels$2.2550 +4.50 
NDM Grade A$1.3475 -1.75 

CME Group Spot Dairy Product Prices ($/lb.) August 22, 2014
 Mon.Tues.Wed.Thurs.Fri.Current Avg.Prior Week Avg.Weekly Volume
Butter$2.6350  $2.6600  $2.7000     $2.6650 $2.5320 25 
Cheddar Blocks$2.1850  $2.2100  $2.2500     $2.2150 $2.1480 
Cheddar Barrels$2.2100  $2.2100 $2.2550     $2.2250 $2.1700 
NDM Grade A$1.3750  $1.3650  $1.3475     $1.3625 $1.4655 

CME Future Settlement Prices Week of August 22, 2014
Class III (AUG) $/CWT$22.10 $22.18 $22.20   
Class IV (AUG) $/CWT$23.25 $23.30 $23.38   
Cheese (AUG) $/LB.$2.0940 $2.0980 $2.1000   
Dry Whey (AUG) $/LB.$0.6913 $0.6913 $0.6913   
NDM (AUG) $/LB.$1.7450 $1.7408 $1.7408   
Butter (AUG) $/LB.$2.4845 $2.4828 $2.4950   
Corn (SEP) $/BU.$3.6075 $3.6250 $3.5950   
Corn (DEC) $/BU.$3.7150 $3.7225 $3.6750   
Soybeans (SEP) $/BU.$11.1550 $11.2025 $11.1975   
Soybeans (NOV) $/BU.$10.5775 $10.5275 $10.3800   
Soybean Meal (SEP)$/TON$392.10 $399.80 $402.60   
Soybean Meal (DEC)$/TON$355.10 $352.70 $344.20   
Live Cattle (OCT) $/CWT$148.550 $147.225 $145.400   
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